Childbirth and Childcare in Qingdao: What are the options for expats? 外籍人士在青岛生育和儿童保育的选择有哪些?

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Proper medical care is a huge concern for expat professionals. When it’s time to start a family, all of the issues and questions become especially important. Prenatal care, birth, and postnatal care — how do we do this in Qingdao?

On Wednesday, August 24, QIBA will hold an event that will answer your important questions about this critical issue. Five experts from various fields will be part of a panel discussion about the differences in childbirth practice between China and other countries.

• How do I find a doctor who understands my needs?

• Can I get the same kind of prenatal care I had in my home country?

• How do I work within the Chinese medical system?

• What are the different customs and practices I should know about?

• How do I use my insurance?

• If I don’t have insurance, how can I save money?

• What happens if I disagree with the doctor?

• What happens if there’s a problem with the baby?

• Are bilingual emergency services available after working hours?

• And any other questions that you feel are important.

The information you receive from the discussion will be extremely valuable to your expat employees and other communities of foreigners in Qingdao. Audience members will be encouraged to ask questions and offer experiences and feedback.

The five panelists will be:

Dr. Alfred HuYoung is a graduate of the University of Virginia Medical School. He served as a pediatrician in the U.S. Navy for six years, then served as a pediatric cardiologist for 30 years in the Chicago area. He is also a member of the Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship at the University of Iowa. During his years in Illinois, he developed and directed three pediatric heart centers, and we Administrative Director of the Congenital Heart Center of the Children’s Hospital of Illinois until 2014. He is now the Chair of Pediatrics for Qingdao United Family Hospital.

Dr. Sally Han is the Director of the International Medical Affairs Department at Qingdao Municipal Hospital. She is a graduate of Fudan University in Shanghai, and spent a year at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, as a Visiting Physician in the Department of Pulmonary Medicine. She is a member of the Chinese Pulmonary Physician Association and the European Respiratory Society.

Dr. Hannah La is a graduate of Chungnam University in Korea. She has served as the Director of the Sena Ob/Gyn clinic, specializing in the Laborer Delivery method of childbirth. She served many rural areas in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Sudan, and others, for many years through Doctors Without Borders. She is now an Ob/Gyn at the Qingdao United Family Hospital.

Ruth Greene moved to Qingdao with her husband in 2008. Prior to moving to China, she volunteered in a crisis pregnancy center and worked as a Sex Ed Teacher in Austin, Texas. After birthing two children in Qingdao, she recognized the need for Western-style labor support for foreigners giving birth abroad. In 2014, she spent a year in the United States training as a DONA International Doula. She now volunteers in Qingdao-area hospitals, offering Doula services, cultural support, and Chinese-English translation for expats.

Jeremy Carman and his wife have been living in China off and on for 8 years, starting in 2004. Three of their four children were born in China. Throughout their first pregnancy they found very little information for foreigners having a baby in China. By 2009, when pregnant with their second child, they still could not find clear information, so they created a website called Having a Baby in China ( Using their experience and that of others, expectant families can find clear information about what to expect at a hospital in China. Jeremy currently lives in Tianjin with his family and works in management at an international school.

The event will be free for QIBA annual members. For non-members, it will be RMB 100 per person for the panel discussion, beginning at 7 p.m. If you want to come for networking, food and drinks at 6 p.m., the cost will be RMB 180.

好的医疗护理是外国专业人士很关注的问题。当你成立了一个家庭,这些问题更变得尤为重要。产前检查,分娩和产后护理 - 在青岛我们怎么做呢?














Alfred HuYoung医生,青岛和睦家医院儿科主席

Sally Han医生,青岛市市立医院国际部主任

Hannah La医生,青岛和睦家医院产科/妇科

Ruth Greene,美国导乐,有丰富的在中国协助分娩的经验

Jeremy Carman,havingababyinchina.com网站创办者

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